Carl Zeiss INTRABEAM Localised Tumor Control



Carl Zeiss INTRABEAM Localised Tumor Control
Localised tumor control – targeted effectiveness
Intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) with the ZEISS INTRABEAM® System*
enables a precise and high dose treatment. The system is used to irradiate the tumor bed, the area where the risk of recurrence is highest immediately after R0 resection. It can also be used for the irradiation of incomplete tumor resections in R1 and R2 scenarios.
Localised irradiation with a high relative-biological effectiveness
The relative-biological effectiveness of low-energy X-rays is very high as a result of the higher ionization density of radiation in tissue. At the same time, due to the steep dose falloff, a special characteristic of the low-energy radiation, the tissue of interest is irradiated minimizing collateral damage.


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