Weco E.12 Patternless Edger




Weco E.12 Patternless Edger
Description :
GraviTech® Optical Tracing
– Superior tracing accuracy for shapes over a mechanical tracer
– Factors in the base curve of the lens to recreate the complete 3d
shape of the lens
– Intuitive shape modification.
– Vast internal memory of 2,000 Jobs and 10,000 shapes
– Automatically recognize drill points with minimal adjustment
GraviTech® Blocking
– Parallax free blocking on the gravity axis
– High definition camera system to analyze lens markings
and engravings
– Sturdy metal blocking army for increased reliability and precision
GraviTech® Finishing
– Edging on the gravity point of the lens ensures 1:1 shape
reproduction of the lens
– Fixed 10° grooving angle with adjustable depth and width
– Front and back-side safety bevel on the lens
– Fixed 10° drilling angle to cover the vast majority of drill jobs


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